On the eve of facing disaster after disaster in Uganda a number of NGO’S, individuals and CBO’S had to step-in by complimenting government in giving some material support to the most affected people. Some calamities faced in Uganda since October 2019 include Desert Locusts, Floods, Landslides, Floating Islands on Lake Victoria, COVID-19 and also the traditional health issues like Malaria HIV-AIDS, Ebola, Measles and many others.
Some of the said disasters occurred in Kisoro District, South Western Uganda where Crater Lakes of Muhavura and Mgahinga (From the Mgahinga National Park) over flooded Ntebeko water Channel. As a result, a number of houses, crops, properties and infrastructure were submerged by the debris and water from these mountains.

FOHU Program Coordinator pondering over the situation in areas where houses were submerged by water and debris from the mountains during the May 2020 Floods.
Houses which were destroyed by floods and running debris in May 20202, in Ntarama Village.

Kisoro District disaster Committee then reached out to FOHU (Friends of Humanity Uganda), a local CBO (Community Based Organization) to collect data of what was destroyed, and which people were affected by this calamity. FOHU was asked to collect this data because it is a reputable CBO whose centre of operation is around Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks and it is highly vast with the socio-economic life of the local communities of this area.

(FEED the Children !!!) FOHU submitted a request for support from Red Cross in view of the plight of these children who were found taking Lunch some days after floods had affected their house.

FOHU then compiled lists of displaced families and the vulnerable children in these families. At the time when some charity organizations would be distributing their raised assistance, some FOHU staff would be asked to give hand, since the lists of the affected people would have been generated by these FOHU staff members.

Red Cross and UNHCR distributed food items and some home equipment to the displaced families.

In the same village of Ntarama, Save the children, a child based organization in Kisoro district distributed mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, buckets, plates, cups, taplins and clothes, a service that was done from Muramba sub county Administration offices.

FOHU gives support to “Save the Children-Uganda” in distributing beddings to children whose families were displaced by floods.

In all these, FOHU as a CBO operating in this locality had to provide the needed personnel for assessment of the damage, listing of affected families, giving a voluntary hand in distribution of assistance and any other data required.