The FOHU family had a thrilling moment when they had a get together where they had time to share ideas for purposes of providing better services to the beneficiary children. It was therefore a time of Joy during this interaction time at Three Way Gorilla Resort Centre in Kisoro.

The key stakeholders of FOHU had a key event for the charity where the Board of Directors (Board of Trustees), District Education Officer, beneficiary children, their parents and the program coordinator and focal point person Mr. Dan Munyambabazi had a joint interaction activity for FOHU. There were also other key resource persons who took on detailed training of the participants.

Holding of this interaction event was willed and fully planned by the board of trustees; ostensibly for three major grounds:

  • To enable the trustees, parents and children supported by FOHU charity know each other for purposes of social cohesion.
  • To get an opportunity by the Board of Directors (Trustees) to talk to the parents and their children, educating them about their roles and responsibilities. Also Guidance and counselling of the beneficiary children was made part of the agenda
  • To get a way of direct feedback from parents and their children in regard to the nature of operation and services of FOHU. This would include an input for other new strategies that would be laid by FOHU.
Mr. Dan Munyambabazi Addressing the FOHU team
Mr. Dan Munyambabazi Addressing the FOHU team

The program coordinator  Mr. Dan  Munyambabazi gave the  background of  FOHU how and why it was formed, how it operates and the  achievements so far registered; like having its pioneer beneficiary children who graduated in reputable courses at high  levels of learning  and given hope and future  for the very needy children who would have  never joined secondary school if FOHU had not supported them.

Moses training the FOHU team
Mr Moses Barugahare training the FOHU team

Mr. Moses Barugahare was the key trainer of the day and he touched every side of the participants; educating them about their roles. This went along with guidance and counseling of the children and their Parents.

  • Parents have the mandate of proper upbringing of children, imparting good morals, training their children in skills development and making a follow up on the progress of their children.
  • Children are meant to have proper use of the support given well knowing that it is meant do shape and benefit them in future, understand their background and try to be resourceful. Key of this was a call for their total discipline and Godliness.Board of trustees were commended of their work and heart of caring for the disadvantaged children. Most appreciated was the way of selecting needy children to be supported and thus asked to maintain that criteria. But an alternative and complimentary venture the Charity was to be sought and have diversification thus not getting limited to school education alone.
  • Supervisory role of the District Education Office is to continue to keep the charity focused on the functionality of this child based organizations.
Mr Mwunvaneza Emmanuel Addressing the FOHU team
Mr Mwunvaneza Emmanuel Addressing the FOHU team

The new District Education officer Mr. Emmanuel Mwunvaneza graced the day where he appreciated the way FOHU selects children from families which are financially shaking and the way the charity caters for them; thus giving them hand in building their future.  The mandates of the biological parents were emphasized. He pledged continued support to FOHU which is complementing the District in its education services.

During this interaction function, key picks were taken as a record of the events of this colorful day.