I am called Moses Tumwizere Nsaba from Bukazi village Gisozi parish Muramba sub-county. I am a student of Lira technical institute, studying water Engineering. I am proud of the support of Friends Of Humanity Uganda (FOHU) which gives me all school fees, scholastic materials, maintenance and all that is required to have any person comfortably stay in school. If it was not this sponsorship of FOHU, I would not have known anything called “School”, just like most of our village children who never had a chance of being picked by FOHU for its sponsorship.
1991 my parents were forced out of their land when it was declared Mgahinga National Park and they resettled in the low lands of this National Park. In 1994, they faced another tragedy when Mgahinga and Muhavura zones were declared world heritage sites by UNESCO. Because of this, boundaries of Mgahinga National park were further expanded to include the new resettlement of my parents. When they were displaced the second time, it was life and hope totally lost.
Our family then became totally landless and livelihood lost. Our gardens where we would grow crops, go to the forest to hunt for fresh animal meat or get materials for handcraft were all lost. The wild habitat like gorillas, Elephants, Buffaloes etc. gained protection while us human beings, were left to suffer endlessly; when our government showed more care for wild animals than us Human beings.
May be because of this stress and very harsh economic hardships, my Father and mother died from the home where they had been given temporarily reception (accommodation) as squatters. We were left as two children and then our uncle took us on and catered for our school fees and others. Sadly again my uncle was murdered on 23th/December/2016, making it very clear that our future has now come to a total end.
In this state of uncertainty, Friends of Humanity Uganda passionately stepped in and catered for all my needs both at school and at my uncle’s home because our parents had not left us with any home (house). In my current education Course of water engineering at Lira technical institute, I get all that is needed by a student in school, including a laptop which do facilitate my schooling comfortably.

Moses Tumwizere Nsaba from Bukazi village Gisozi parish Muramba sub-county

I live to praise this charity (FOHU) and how I wish all who go through similar challenges get relief and hope as it was in my case. This enlightenment from school is significant in the transformation of lives and it broke the tie of poverty and a feeling that we were a cursed family. Surely FOHU has truly secured my future.
Long live FOHU, Long live our sponsors, Long live FOHU leadership here in Kisoro Uganda.
I remain Moses Nsaba Tumwizere. A FOHU charity beneficiary.