The world was hit by Corona virus pandemic which began from Wuhan city of China in Nov 2019 and spread to every single nation of the world, both developed and poor nations. However, the levels of economic development, political willingness and ability and the standards of health services greatly differ which accounts for its differential levels of impact on human life.
To counter mass infection and death, nations adopted tight measures under the Health standard operating procedures that threw people in “house lock down”. Inadvently, this had to hit hard on most people and pathetically, the very vulnerable families whose survival depended on their day-today physical labour offered in order to get what to eat. (Hand to mouth syndrome).
Uganda and Kisoro District in particular did not survive this wrath of COVID where the disadvantaged families were thrown in a state of Quandary as they pondered on how to feed their families and general care needed in a home. Faced by this state of uncertainty in families, Friends of Humanity Uganda (FOHU) Had to step-in for its supported disadvantaged families and gave them relief food and other key items to make them cross some days during this painful COVID Lock down.

FOHU is very appreciative to the kind heart of some philanthropists for their humanity over the vulnerable families most hit by COVID Lockdown.

There was a lot of enthusiasm, excitement and Humour among FOHU families as they received COVID relief items that were handed over by Kisoro District Community development officer Mr. Sam Niyonzima in presence of the Board of Directors of this charity.