Children who get rolled on to the Friends of Humanity-Uganda (FOHU) Charity-support, are given a number of materials and scholastic items required at the Secondary School level.These children are given the opportunity to join a boarding school with all their school needs catered for by FOHU.  It is expected that, with this complete support given to children who are intellectually gifted but had no hope of joining a Secondary School because of their family background, and very low level of economic status, it will give an opportunity to this child to shape his/her future and that of his family in general.FOHU is affiliated to Kisoro Vision Secondary School where children sponsored by this charity attend their secondary school; from senior one to senior six.In this year 2019 two more other students were rolled on to FOHU charity as new beneficiaries.  One of these is Uzamukunda Catherine whose future was secured and given support to keep in school.On the day of handing over school items like a mattress and all other major supportive academic needs plus some personal needs, it was Hon Sarah Nyirabashitsi Mateke who graced the function.Hon. Sarah Nyirabashitsi Mateke, a former MP Kisoro District and currently serving as frontline officer in the office of the President of the Republic of Uganda appreciated the well thought plan of elevating some families by selecting some of their bright children to be supported and they get enlightened which will help them live a purposeful life in future.  She further said that selecting girl child was demystifying the African traditional customs and practices where females were always reserved for domestic work.The other beneficiary called Dickson Niringiyimana from far deep in Buhozi Parish, Busanza sub-county near Bwindi impenetrable forest/National park, received school items handed over to him by Mrs Kellen Mahirwe Biryomumeisho. Mrs Kellen Mahirwe Biryomumeisho is the Assistant District Community Development Officer in charge of Economic development and Child Affairs (Child Protection Unity). She had interacted with Dickson two years back (2017) when the boy had dropped out of school because of his economically weak family background.Dickson was saved of joining his cohorts who are hunters and others who are local herdsmen, looking after goats of other people in their communities. Dickson surprised Mrs. Kellen when he was the only child in his government supported Primary School of Busaho Primary School by scoring grade one (Division one). He was introduced to FOHU by Mrs Kellen Mahirwe and automatically given the chance of receiving holistic support from FOHU.Mrs Kellen Mahirwe Biryomumeisho then officiated the handing over of the items offered by FOHU charity, to its beneficiary- Dickson. This was done in presence of Dickson’s eldest brother at Kisoro Vision Secondary School. This explains the kind of hope that is given to the less privileged children who would not have got such an opportunity of ever joining a secondary School. I am sure his life has been set in a positive perspective.