Consequent upon the closure of learning institutions in Uganda, now on two occasions, (March 2020 to Feb 2021 and then June 2021 onwards), due to the outbreak of Corona virus, the FOHU charity thought it wise to keep its sponsored children resourceful. In this resourcefulness, these children were helped to get a project purely in their hands to make them more active and have the sense of personal ownership.
Therefore, the FOHU Board of Directors in liaison with the sponsors of the charity, made a very well thought intervention where each student was given a goat. This then became a key start-up economic activity, which; if very well maintained, it can be a base for social-economic transformation. This is not all that FOHU is doing for its sponsored children because there are other programs and projects which are still in offering, meant to elevate these children from their low level economic status.

Some of the FOHU children receiving goats under the “FOHU Goat project”

Women in the photograph came in to pick Goats meant for their children who were not within Kisoro District.(ie Parents of Wilberforce and Moses who failed to travel due to lockdown measures)
Such other projects suggested by members of Board of Directors include Rabbit keeping, sheep and pig rearing, starting improved agriculture in Cabbage, Onion and Irish potato growing etc; which have a high market value within Kisoro and its neighboring countries of Congo and Rwanda. It is therefore important to prepare these children for different line of survival; both in education and personal sustainable economic life.