Youth empowerment and support is what lies beneath our work and efforts at Friends of Humanity Uganda (FOHU). FOHU is a registered Community Based Organization with an enthusiastic and passionate team that works directly with communities of Kisoro District-South Western Uganda to empower young people by providing them with formal education.

In Kisoro, children aged 12 to 14 years frequently drop out of school mostly after completion of their primary education cycle; a level at which one cannot qualify for any job opportunity. It is this appalling situation that informs FOHU’s affiliation to Kisoro Vision Secondary School, one of the best performing schools in her area of operation where selected children are supported to continue with Secondary Education.

School dropout is not only an issue after primary level but some children drop out during the primary cycle while others never enroll in school at all due to lack of school scholastic materials.

According to Uganda Bureau of Statics (2014), 22% of primary children of school going age are out of School while 22% of secondary school going age (13-18) students have dropped out of School. Approximately 1 in every 10 children of primary school going age have never been to school. This group of young people annually misses out on individual 10% earnings mentioned in the GEM report as a result of an extra schooling year. A study carried out in Kisoro District indicates that in 2018, 4,873 pupils completed Primary seven but only 4,042 qualified to join secondary school and other tertiary institutions. However, only 3,170 out of these 4,042 were able to join secondary and tertiary institutions.

Nevertheless, education remains a right to every child that they should not be deprived of. Unlike those in school, most children who drop out of school are trapped into child marriages, teenage pregnancies and poverty. These vices eventually affect generations after generations, thus retarding national development and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

As a mitigation measure, “Friends of Humanity Uganda – FOHU” that seeks to give a sigh of relief and hope to the local communities was initiated in… and later registered in October 2018. Her support is primarily centered on providing school fees and scholastic materials and other personal needs required by school children. Consideration of bright children from poor families especially those with single parents or double orphans, girls and other marginalized children is made during selection by our ground team.

We believe that with empowered and educated youth, local communities will have full capacity to achieve locally-driven sustainable development. They will be strong pillars in their communities to end the vicious cycle of poverty that originated from loss of land to gazetted National Parks.

Here below are maps showing the location of Kisoro in Uganda and the areas where the two National Parks; – Bwindi impenetrable national Park and Mgahinga National Park are located within Kisoro District. Kisoro is in the south western part of Uganda. (Marked Red on the map of Uganda)

Kisoro District
Map of Uganda Showing Kisoro District
Map of Kisoro District showing FOHU location