Friends of Humanity Uganda (FOHU) has a strong six member team who operate on purely voluntary basis and are charged with taking key decisions for the charity and guiding the technical team on the course of its operations.  Among the many mandates of the board of directors are;

  • Giving directions to the operations of the organization.
  • Does planning, draws budgets and work plans, decide on the appropriation of funds, appointment of audit firms and take financial decision based on the bi annual financial reports made.
  • Decide on the location of FOHU offices and the scope of beneficiary communities.
  • Receive and assess reports from the technical team which include the nature of selection done for the beneficiary communities and children rolled on into the charity.
  • Lay strategies for publicity and marketing of FOHU.
  • Taking decisions in regard to the welfare and health of the Charity children
  • Take decisions on which other services FOHU can offer other than education of the children; as a way of improving the socio-economic welfare of the communities.


  1. 1. Pastor Elisa Dushime:

  • He is the Chairperson Board of Directors (FOHU)
  • Currently he works with Africa Water Solutions as the Manager Monitoring and Evaluation
  • On top of being an M&E Specialist, he is a teacher by profession and also holds a bachelors’ degree in Social work
  • Before joining Africa Water Solutions, he worked with Water School Uganda where he held a number of positions at the national level.
  • Pr Elisa also worked with Compassion International as the project overseer, Kisoro District, for 5 years, which he joined after teaching in a secondary school for a period of 2 years.
  • He has vast experience with community based organization and child centered organizations as he also received such support during the course of his study from the time he joined school at the age of 5 until he completed his educational course.
  1. 2. Mrs Hope Ruzaza:

  • She is the Vice Chairperson Board of Directors (FOHU).
  • She is a teacher by profession formerly the head teacher of a government primary school and now running a private primary school.
  • She chairs a number of charity organization and local human rights organizations
  • She is the President of Mothers’ Union for Muhabura Diocese – Anglican Church of Uganda and member of church synod in Church of Uganda at the National level.
  1. 3. Miss Nyiranganizi Kedress:

  • She is a member of Board of Directors(FOHU)
  • She is a civil servant working with Kisoro District local Government as the Assistant Inspector of schools in charge of Special Needs (Caters for those having some Impairments).
  • She is a teacher by profession
  • She is a national delegate for UNATU – Uganda National teachers’ Union.
  • 4. Mrs Moses Barugahere:

  • He holds a degree in education and Diploma in social work and social administration. Therefore he is a teacher by profession and social worker.
  • He currently works with Africa water solutions as the regional manager, south western Uganda, an organization which he joined after serving in Compassion international for 6 years; in charge of finance.
  • He is the one in charge of FOHU finances and child welfare; representing other fellow Board members.
  1. 5. Mr. Sangara K. Benon.

  • He is an Accountant by profession and a member of Board of Directors.
  • He is employed by Kisoro District local government as a Principle District Accountant.
  1. 6. Mrs. Fredah Ndimo:

  • She is a member of the Board of Directors (FOHU).
  • She works with Kisoro District in the district community office in charge of child protection and welfare.
  1. 7. Mr. Dan Derick Munyambabazi:

  • He is the initiator of FOHU
  • Within FOHU charity, he serves as the Program Coordinator and Secretary to the Board of Directors
  • He is therefore the key implementer of the resolutions of the Board of Directors FOHU.
  • He is a teacher by profession and also holds a Masters’ Degree in Public Administration
  • He is the proprietor of Kisoro Vision Secondary School