Friends of Humanity Uganda (FOHU) has done Commendable work of uplifting the very disadvantaged children; harnessing their intellectual treasures. Disadvantaged children are academic/intellectual hurbs; but because of their low economic and social background, their intellectual gift is misplaced thus not harnessed.

This has been manifested by the reputable and commendable performance put up by those whose hand and life are given support by the FOHU charity. For instance when Ronald Ndayambaje pursued a diploma in comprehensive nursing, he was among the small number of 12 out of 387 students in his class who got fist class Diploma and Distinction in medical practice.

Similarity, in 2017 Manishimwe Obed a FOHU beneficiary, became the best student in the national exams at his senior four level. He was the best not only in his school but the whole of Southwestern region of Uganda which has 186 secondary schools in 8 districts. Because of this coveted and Commendable performance, his school of Kisoro Vision SS gave him a reward of a goat during a general parents’ meeting. His spirit and gift of shining academically has been maintained at High school level where more gifts are given to him by the school as a motivating factor. We expect more exciting performance in other exams and activities he does both in school and outside school.

The selection criteria of FOHU have it that the most vulnerable (Disadvantaged) children who are however very bright are given the first priority for FOHU support. Following its set criteria, Dickson Niringiyimana was rolled on as a FOHU beneficiary in 2019 January. Since he joined secondary school, he has always been the best (first) in class and rewards given to him as a way of encouragement, giving him morale, appreciation and motivation.

In the closure of the calendar year, there is a lot of excitement for having sailed over the 12 months and yet another year being ushered in. To make FOHU students feel the mood of this gift of life, and have a jolly and comfortable social time in the communities where they come from, some fair shopping of some basic needs is done.

FOHU charity greatly appreciates the giving hand of friends of humanity which has explored and harnessed the potentials of the young children whose future is shaped and prepared to live an enlightened and responsible life.